Sleep is a learned skill

newborn baby swaddled sleepingParents assume sleeping is an emotional and physical development which comes naturally.

One in four families have babies or young children with some sort of sleep problem. My approach is to COACH the parents, giving them the support and confience to teach their child to independently, happily and calmly go to sleep – and stay asleep!

There are various methods to teach your child to sleep. The cry it out (CIO) or controlled crying methods are heartbreaking to go through, and heartbreaking to listen to. My training involves a gentle technique, which is both empowering and proven to be successful.

I will personalise a program based on your family’s individual situation and the goals you desire for your child. Agreed goals are achievable. Sleep deprivation can leave us irritable, impatient, sad, moody and forgetful – none of which are conducive to being the parent or partner we want to be.

Does you child…

  • have trouble going to sleep?
  • only fall asleep in your arms, rocking, nursing/bottle feeding?
  • wake once, twice, three or more times during the night?
  • wake up very early?
  • take short daytime naps and wake up irritable?
  • have no routine?
  • think your bed is the family bed?

Are you feeling EXHAUSTED and FRUSTRATED?

I’d love to help you and your family establish (or restore) the sanity of a well rested household!