I am so grateful to these parents for giving me the opportunity to help them teach their children one of life’s most important lessons. It has been my privilege and joy to see their amazing sleep progress.

– Cheryl, (The Sleep Coach)

“Thank you Cheryl for helping restore sleep in our household. Your approach was gentle and easy to follow which was exactly what we were after. I really appreciated your daily support and advice, especially at the beginning when things were tough. We now have two children that sleep through the night and so we are all much happier, particularly me as I am no longer sleep deprived!”

–  Jennie

“We had been putting off getting any help for a very long time, but being pregnant with only 10 weeks left until bub number 2 arrived, my husband and I were desperate to address our 2.5 year olds recent sleep regression. Our boy had always been a pretty great sleeper up until 6 months prior when he went from sleeping 7pm-7am with a decent day sleep, to suddenly fighting bed time (getting up from his cot/bed up to 10 times a night), waking several times in the night, and getting up at 5.30am. I had spoken to Tresillian, and Karitane, played it the tough way, the soft way, the no day sleep, sticker charts, even blackmail etc. but nothing was working. I asked for a referral from a social media forum and a number of mums’ recommended Cheryl.

Cheryl was really comforting to speak to and listened to what we were going through and all the issues we were having. She then came round to see my husband and I at home, and together we spoke through our major concerns and the issues we wanted to address. Cheryl worked with us to formulate a plan of attack that we could implement together to ensure our boy returned to a batter sleeping pattern. What was great about Cheryl was that she ensured that the plan we decided upon was something both my husband and I felt comfortable implementing, and was something we both believed in and agreed to implement with consistency.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant, and luckily our boy is now back to sleeping through the night, and on the whole going to bed at 7pm pretty easily. I would not hesitate to recommend Cheryl to anyone needing some help with getting their little ones to sleep better, and would confidently turn to Cheryl again when bub arrives should we experience any challenges with sleep once again with either the baby or our 2.5 year old.”

– Anonymous

“When we first contacted Cheryl, I was breasfeeding our 6month old daughter to sleep each night for 1.5 hours and holding and breastfeeding her during the day for day sleeps. Sometimes rocking would work but not always. By the end of each day I was a wreck! After receiving Cheryl’s bedtime routing and settling method, our baby girl can now be put to bed by my husband quickly with no need for the long breastfeeding sessions. She is also sleeping longer and more easily during the day. She is so much happier and well rested and so am I. Thanks Cheryl for your ongoing help and support. Thanks 🙂 ”

– Ishanya

“I’m SO glad we got Cheryl on board to help our little boy get some sleep. At the age of three months, he started waking up all night and refusing to nap in his cot. We were all exhausted, but I was very reluctant to do any ‘sleep training’. Cheryl’s gentle but firm guidance was exactly what we needed and it made a huge difference! Plus, she is excellent at following up, and you can tell she genuinely cares about both the baby and the parents. I highly recommend her.”

– Jodie & Ben

“Cheryl was not the first sleep coach that we had come to our home. We spent money on a highly recommended sleep trainer who claimed to use gentle techniques to assist with our 10 month old’s sleep problems. That sleep trainer’s techniques involved more crying than my husband and I were willing to put my son through. Cheryl was the only person whose techniques were truly gentle and which we felt comfortable using, but which still worked.”

– Sara Feeney 

“When we called Cheryl we were totally sleep deprived after 5 months of waking almost every hour, rocking, bouncing and endless nights. Cheryl was so understanding and empathetic. She listened to what was important to us and came up with a very gentle plan to get Noa sleeping. Cheryl helped us implement the plan and guided us in resettling and comforting Noa through the night. It took lots of persistence and consistency from us, but Cheryl was always there to answer our questions and support us every step of the way. She stepped in for 2 nights when we thought we couldn’t do it anymore and gave us some much needed rest as well as gently and lovingly helping Noa get back on track. We both feel so confident in handling any setbacks thanks to Cheryl’s guidance and all the tools and tricks she has shown us. Noa is such a happy and bubbly baby because she is getting the right amount of peaceful sleep! We really can’t thank her enough for her guidance, support and love.”

– Aimee and Jesse

“When I first contacted Cheryl, my family was very, very tired. My daughter had been suffering from very bad reflux for her first three months. After the reflux passed, her sleep improved slightly but not much. At best, we were getting sleep in two hour blocks, making for three very tired people.

As I do not live in Australia, Cheryl worked with me on Skype. Before we started sleep training, Cheryl discussed our daily routine at length. She helped us make some adjustments to my daughter’s daytime routine that fostered sleep. Then, she worked with us every single day of the process, helping us make small adjustments along the way. After two weeks, we had gotten my daughter down to one twenty minute wake up per night! Now, she sleeps for 11-12 hours every single night! A dream come true. We are all much happier and healthier.

When my daughter went through a minor sleep regression at 8 months, Cheryl was right back at our side helping us guide the baby to sleep. Three days later, we were back to being well rested!”

– Sasha (Hong Kong)

“I breastfed my daughter to sleep. While this worked well when she was younger, by the time she was 18 months old it was no longer working for her or me. It was taking forever to settle her, I was completely drained and our whole family was sleep deprived from months of night wakings.

But after talking to other mums and scouring the internet for a gentle way to teach my daughter how to sleep without leaving her to scream for unacceptable amounts of time, I was more confused than ever!

Cheryl’s name was given to me at the right time and turns out, of all the gazillion options out there, she was the perfect person for us.

We didn’t want someone else coming in and doing it for us so we had a very thorough consultation with Cheryl in our home. Once we began the process, she was always at the other end of the phone, responding to texts and phone calls swiftly. She was always calm, patient and reassuring, no matter how many calls or texts…and there were many!

After only a bit of resistance, our little girl took to her new bedtime rhythm like a champion, surprising us and filling us with pride. It was like she was just waiting for it. The whole experience wasn’t as bad as I had imagined and the results felt nothing short of miraculous. It wasn’t long before we were closing the bedroom door to a smiling, singing toddler who would chat herself to sleep…and wake up 12 hours later!

Months later, when illness, holidays or moving house set us back, Cheryl was still there, steadfast on the other end of the phone, guiding us back on track. Cheryl genuinely cares about her clients, and is passionate about finding a sleep solution that works for the whole family. She is experienced, compassionate but also no-nonsense. Most importantly, what she teaches WORKS! I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

– Nicky and Marc xx

“Cheryl was very supportive, caring and encouraging throughout the entire process of helping us to teach our child to self settle. She was readily available whenever we needed and always checking in with us. Our child is settling much better now and we still continue to implement Cheryl’s gentle techniques. Thank you so much Cheryl for all the help and suuport!”

– Jenna & Daron


“Thank goodness for Cheryl!

When our son Jake was 6 months old, the tricks that had worked so well to get him to sleep (rocking, bouncing, breast feeding) very quickly stopped working. I really do believe that this was the time for Jake to learn to self-settle. He needed the space and opportunity to do so. We were desperate for help but it was very important for us to work as gently as possible. Cheryl put together a very simple and clear bed time routine (how wrong we were to think that what we had before was a routine!) and explained her gradual method of teaching bubs to self-settle. Her warmth was genuine; the sort of thing one really appreciates at times like these. I feel very grateful to Cheryl that she was here with me that first evening, to guide me and allow me to be a solid support for Jake. From the very first evening we could see huge changes taking place, and over the next few weeks things improved daily. Cheryl’s ongoing support has been priceless as she has kept guiding and reassuring me whenever I needed her. Jake is self settling beautifully and peacefully for his day and night sleeps and because of that sleeping for much longer. We are still in awe of the change this has made to his life and ours.”

– Libby Nathan
Twins-Kristy We were referred to Cheryl by our next door neighbours. At the time our twins boys were 2 years old and we had a nine week old baby girl. The boys had been coming into our bed for the past 6 months, they were in cots & sleeping bags and were climbing out, opening the door and climbing into bed with us after about 4 hours of sleep. We struggled to get them to go to bed, they would take between 30 minutes & two hours to go to sleep. Cheryl came and met with us and formulated a plan that suited our lifestyle. We found that Cheryl didn’t just dictate to us what we must do, she listened to us and devised a routine that worked for our family. We were surprised at how quickly the boys settled into the new routine and we commented to our neighbours a couple of weeks later that Cheryl must have put a sleep spell on both our houses! We were so impressed with Cheryl’s commitment & enthusiasm in helping us with our sleep problems. Cheryl still keeps in contact with us months later to check that we are still on track in our “new life”!

– Jake & Kristy

I was at my wits end and running on empty due to my baby’s terrible sleeping when we decided to get Cheryl on board. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner. We were rocking our then 9 month old to sleep most nights and pacing the floor with him for up to two hours when he would wake in the early hours of the morning. Not to mention his 4.30am wake up calls! But within a few short weeks of using Cheryl’s gentle techniques our baby was settling beautifully to sleep at bed time and sleeping through the night. His early wake ups are still a work in progress but we have faith in Cheryl’s techniques and we know we just have to persevere. Not only am I getting more sleep now but just as importantly our baby is happier and less whingey during the day and actually smiles when we hand him his comforter and put him down to sleep at night. Teaching our baby to sleep hasn’t been without difficulty but with Cheryl’s amazing support, reassurance and availability via phone, text and email I have grown in confidence as a parent and our family has benefited enormously.

– Ruth

Max slept fine when he was a newborn. That all changed when he turned 4 months old. We thought this was a phase but very soon became a habit. Before we knew it we were getting up 7 times a night to feed him and we all were very exhausted. I decided to find professional help rather than listening to my friends and family member’s advice. As probably most of you I searched on-line. I found many companies and individuals promising a quick fix, some of them sounded like a miracle – Cheryl was the only one who didn’t promise a quick fix but HELP. Help as long as we need it. This was the sentence which made me to ask her for advice. Cheryl reorganised our routine and gave us a few tips how to help him to sleep on his own. I have to say honestly it was not easy nor fast, Sometimes it was difficult because we tried to follow our routine exactly. But all the effort was worth it. The training did take time as Max is very strong willed, Cheryl was there with us all the way. I kept annoying her almost every day with questions and she was patiently replying every time. I so wanted to do it on my own but I have to say that without Cheryl we wouldn’t make it.

– Petra

Thanks to Cheryl our lovely twin boys are now good sleepers! Cheryl had great advice and was so supportive in what was a pretty difficult time day and night for our boys and their sleeps. We now feel human again and highly recommend Cheryl to others who are having similar difficulties.

– Alex

sebastian When we found Cheryl, we were in a pretty desperate situation. Our son was 9 months old and still needing to be rocked to bed for over an hour for naps and bedtime. He was also waking 2 to 3 times in the night for a feed. Sometimes the rocking wouldn’t help and we were left desperate and not knowing how to help our baby go to sleep peacefully. We were also expecting a new baby in 3 months and the thought of getting up to two children during the night was not that appealing.
Cheryl was amazing with her approach and support. She is a big believer in empowering the parents to know what to do, rather than coming in and doing it all for us and leaving us high and dry if baby should happen to regress. She was always available to support me though the process, even when I once messaged her at midnight! It was a slow and steady process but finally after about 2 months, we had a bub who goes to bed with little fuss, naps well and sleeps though the night. The slower, more peaceful approach was also much more suited to us than letting our little one just scream it out in a dark room all on his own. A dream!

– Uldouz

judith I cannot recommend Cheryl highly enough. We had exhausted all avenues with our 2 year old who had completely lost the ability to put herself to sleep (both day and night) and once we finally got her to sleep after hours of trying, was waking up numerous times in the night.
Cheryl is a true expert in her field, judging each child and set of parents on an individual basis and creating a strategy that works for a family¹s specific circumstances. Her approach is gentle but structured and we are still in awe by how quickly it worked.
She commits to helping you for the long-haul and welcomes questions, texts and calls for however long you need. She is professional, warm and generally lovely to deal with. We will forever be indebted to her for enabling us all to get our sleep back!

– Judith

anton_tosca(2) Cheryl came to our aid last month and helped us transform Anton into a happy self settling little sleeper! We had initially contacted her to help us with a co-sleeping habit we had established during a family holiday. Not only did she do this, but she showed us how to do it with almost no crying or distress from Anton. During the process, Cheryl was available by text or phone at sleep times when it was crucial to make decisions. It was wonderful. He had always been distressed and upset at bedtimes, with us going in at various intervals to try and calm him. We thought this was normal. But now he may protest very briefly and then he can talk to himself and sing and cuddle his comforter till he drifts off. He sleeps for longer and his wake times are much more fun. Happy baby, very very happy parents! Thanks Cheryl.

– Floria

IMG_2426(1) You are amazing! You are loving ,caring and truly care! You’re patient and nothing is ever too much for you! You helped my boy and my family so much and don’t know what we would do without you ! You may not have a magic fix , but lets face it, babies are not robots. But you promised me we would get Jared right ! And we did! Persistence is the key!

– Kerry

candice_Ryan Cheryl, thank you so much for helping me get my little man to sleep so beautifully! Your dedication, commitment and absolute support, day and night gave me the encouragement to persevere, when without you, I would have undoubtedly given up!

I truly believe that this support was the key to our success in achieving the sleep goals we set.The individual sleep plan you worked out for us, and then tailored and refined as we went along to meet our needs and Ryan’s reaction is something I could never have found in a “DIY sleep book”.

You are an amazing sleep coach, with so much love and care to offer those who enlist your help.Thank you for everything xxx

– Candice

rox_family_testimonials At 3 months old we thought we had an angel baby. He was sleeping like a dream during the day and he was almost going through the night. This all came to a drastic end and by 4.5 months old we were waking up to 10-12 times a night. Daytimes were a disaster too as sometimes he would not sleep at all unless it was in my arms. By the time we reached 5 months we decided that this was not fair to parents or baby and it was time to get help.

We were not open to the idea of leaving our precious baby to cry all night long with a complete stranger which is why I was so thrilled to discover that Cheryl has a completely different approach.

I can honestly say that Cheryl changed our lives. Working together, my husband and I learned how to teach our baby to sleep on his own in the most caring and gentle way possible. We have not looked back and our little family are back to our happy selves now that we are all getting a decent night’s sleep.

– Rox

natalie_warren After literally years of sleep deprivation, we had finally had enough! It was suggested by many friends and acquaintances to contact Cheryl, which we did. Within a couple of days she had visited us at our home. Shortly after our consultation Cheryl had devised a plan of action suited to our circumstances. There is no question that it took a fair bit of persistence and strength from our part, but thanks to Cheryl’s remarkable knowledge and unfathomable support, we finally conquered what was the bane of our life. We are certainly a much happier and well rested family.

– Natalie & Warren

After 3 months of endless days and nights of screaming Cheryl came to our rescue. Our darling daughter Isabella has a condition called silent reflux which made most feeding and sleeping situations extremely difficult. Once we had her reflux under control with medication, we had the problem of a baby that only catnapped and never slept out of our arms, which in turn made her very grumpy and tired.

It got to the point where we didn’t know if she was in pain or tired, it was an awful situation. I spoke to Cheryl over the phone and she gave me some invaluable advice on how to settle and get our little girl to sleep through the night. My partner was very sceptical but we followed Cheryl’s advice and within the first week we saw great improvements and every week after that it got better and better. At 5 months our little girl was sleeping 12 hours a night with 3 separate sleeps in the day! We had a happy baby and we all could enjoy this precious time together. Anytime we need advice we call Cheryl. We live in Melbourne now and we still talk over the phone. Cheryl has been our rock. Cheryl you are amazing at your job and we couldn’t recommend you highly enough.
Thank you for everything!

– Lizzie and Ryan

Cheryl’s genuine love and care for her clients is what makes the biggest difference. Her constant support and fantastic advice provided me with the confidence and skills to turn my baby’s sleeping habits around.

I can honestly say that Cheryl changed our lives. Working together, my husband and I learned how to teach our baby to sleep on his own in the most caring and gentle way possible. We have not looked back and our little family are back to our happy selves now that we are all getting a decent night’s sleep.

– Tali and Charlie

Dear Cheryl
We could not have gotten through the last few months without you! You have helped us not once, but TWICE, through different developmental stages…. First, when our now 22 month old was waking 6-8 times each night, you taught us how to settle him and how to teach him to “self- settle”- invaluable! Then at 21.5 months I again called you in distress, when my little one was catapulting out of his cot and onto the floor several times per night/ day. You were here within 5 minutes and had the issue solved within 10 minutes. Amazing…. Now all I have to do is say (of course as per your instruction) You must stay in your bed or I will need to call Cheryl” and to sleep he goes immediately!!Thank you again for restoring our home to one of sleep! and always being calm and available. I have no hesitation in recommending you to EVERYONE……

– Kim

After reading many sleep books and being able to get my daughter in a sleep routine when she was younger, I thought sleep training my next child would be a breeze. That wasn’t the case as I soon realised children are different.

I was at a loss what to do when my son turned one and I didn’t know how to deal with an active boy who stood in his cot and screamed for me at night. I had heard Cheryl talk and her approach was calm and caring and I knew she was the sleep coach to call. With a few pointers and advice, my little boy learned how to sleep beautifully. It’s also great to learn what to do and do it myself, so when he gets sick or we travel I know what to do now that I have gained the confidence and knowledge.

What I love about Cheryl is that she is so present! She is there when you need to speak to someone and she wants to help you. Sleep training isn’t an easy thing to do, but having someone on the other end of the phone who responds to you so quickly is so reassuring.

I have no problem in referring Cheryl to my friends as I know you will help them as you have helped me.

– Jessica & Joe

When we had our first consultation with Cheryl we were dealing with a 4 month old baby who would only sleep in our arms (not in cot), who cried herself to sleep every single time (sometimes for up to 3 hours before finally going off!) and was waking up often during the night. We did our sleep training in phases, step by step. Each phase worked well and quickly, and these small triumphs encouraged us to keep going. By the time Klio was 7 months old she was sleeping through the night, every night (6.30pm – 7am!) without a dummy, and would go off quietly and calmly, within 15 minutes. Cheryl has changed our lives, and our baby’s life. Klio went from crying all the time, to being the happiest, most content baby. And her parents are happy now too!

– Angie x

Our daughter Ramona was a good day and night sleeper from the beginning, but at 4 months this all ended, waking every 45 minutes at night wanting her dummy replaced! Going from x2 two hour day sleeps to none…. we did this for around a month before I almost lost my mind with exhaustion! A friend recommended Cheryl, and we are so grateful. Ramona at 6 months is back to her great sleeping habits and is a delightful baby again. We saw improvements straight away, but it is also about putting in the work that Cheryl will recommend, and keeping the consistency going! Cheryl is a wonderful support & always available for personalised advice that really does help so much.

Ramona is happy and we are starting to feel almost normal again! Thank you Cheryl.

– Juliet & Stevie

We had a 5 month old baby boy who would need to be rocked to sleep in his bassinet or in our arms day and night. He would wake every 2-3 hours during the night and would rarely sleep more than 40 minutes during the day. We asked Cheryl for help following the recommendation of a friend and have since seen a major transformation in our son. He now sleeps 12 hours at night and has a few 1-2 hour naps during the day. Our son goes to sleep now with just a little protest but the most important thing is that he is able to fall asleep on his own! Cheryl was very caring and warm in her approach and gave us a detailed plan of how to put our baby to sleep. Cheryl would check in with us regularly to see how things were going and was available at any time day or night for questions or guidance. We are now a much more well-rested family and more importantly, have a baby who is a lot happier! Thanks a lot Cheryl for all your help!

– Satya and Suneeta

– Cheryl has been an amazing support! From when Yonatan was born Cheryl taught us many tricks, that allowed our precious boy to learn that day and night are different and that sleep is important. We learnt many self settling tools that we implemented as time went on. When Yonatan was a few months old we found it very challenging to get him to sleep in the cot and landed up walking him in the pram a lot! With Cheryl’s help we managed to get Yonatan into a better sleep routine and it has made life more predictable and enjoyable. Yonatan is still very flexible as he sleeps in his cot, port-a- cot, car seat and pram. Cheryl was always available on the phone or through text and the distance (being that we are in different states) was never felt. Thank you Cheryl for all your guidance, support and patience.

– Nici

Cheryl was recommended to me because I was having sleep problems with both my baby and my 2 year old. I was exhausted and stressed out as my little one was waking up so many times a night I couldn’t keep track. I could only get him to sleep by feeding him and he would only sleep in our bed. And my 2 year old at the time was refusing to nap so by the end of the day he was extremely overtired and cranky. Cheryl spent 3 nights with us and helped us get into a good routine and she helped teach the boys much better sleep habits. It wasn’t always easy and at times I wanted to give up but Cheryl really helped me stay strong and persevere with the sleep training. She was amazingly patient and supportive, I definitely couldn’t have done it without her. Over the next few weeks, Cheryl was always there to help me. She answered millions of questions and helped me through every step. My little boy soon was sleeping through the night in his very own cot, and was taking naps by himself during the day. He was on a much better schedule and everyone was happier as a result. His big brother also started napping again, which was a total blessing as it meant no big meltdowns late in the afternoon, and it meant I got an extra break too. I am extremely grateful to Cheryl for all her guidance, support and endless patience. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.